SipCode ☕

The Development ZIP Code API

SipCode is a ZIP Code API that provides information about zip codes across the United States. Whether you need details about a specific zip code, want to retrieve zip codes for a given state and city, or even find the most populated city within a state, SipCode has got you covered. Our API offers a range of endpoints to assist you in your development projects as an educational tool*.

  • Base URL:
  • Endpoints:

    Get ZIP Information:


    Returns information about the given zip code. The information includes the zip code, latitude, longitude, city, state ID (abbreviation), state name, population, density, and more.

  • Get ZIP Codes from State & City:


    Returns a list of zip codes for the given state ID (abbreviation) and city name.

  • Get Random ZIP for State:


    Returns a random zip code within the given state ID (abbreviation).

  • Get Most Populated City by State:


    Returns the most populated city and its population within the given state ID (abbreviation).

  • Get ZIP Codes within a Range:


    Returns a list of zip codes within a given radius (in miles) of the given zip code.